Mark David Stallard


    Picture a small English boy sitting in front of a record player mesmerized by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Simon & Garfunkel. Memorizing the melodies, breaking down the harmonies, fixating on the poetry.


    With the intention of impressing a girl, Mark learned a few chords on an old guitar. It turned out he was a natural. At age 15 he locked himself away in his room, figuring out how to play the music of his heroes. About a year later, he emerged as an author of his his own poetic melodies.


    Mark David Stallard, now living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has produced a flood of new material. His natural positivity and drive comes through in his hopeful songs and in his energetic, entertaining performances.


    Mark is the front man with It's All In The Mind, hosts an on-line show called "The Invisible Man" with band mate Ryan Janz, and also plays blues harmonica in a blues band.


    "A Promise of Better Days", an EP of 6 songs, epitomizes Mark David Stallards's positive outlook on life.

  • CD

    A Promise of Better Days (EP

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    1. A Love Like Yours
    2. Don't Fly Away
    3. Its Going to Rain
    4. Thank You
    5. And Then There Was You
    6. Its Not Right

    All songs by Mark David Stallard, except Don’t Fly Away co-written with Gavin George.


  • Videos

    Don't Fly Away

    Animated by Mark David Stallard

    Mark at Envision FestivalFeature 3

    I've Never Looked Back (Live)